Detroit's Positive High: Q & A with Darius Beasley of Head High Detroit


Sometimes a great idea can spark from just sitting around and planning with your peers. In other instances, that idea can spark from an unfortunate turn of events. Enter Darius Beasley. A 22 year old Detroiter, hailing from the west side (6 mile & Livernois to be exact), who is currently making a name for himself with his clothing apparel company called “HEAD HIGH”.

SooDetroit was fortunate enough to catch up with Darius so that he could share his story on how his company came to existence and what it means to have the support of your family & friends when starting a business.

If you are a Detroiter who has an Instagram account, there isn’t a day that goes by that you won’t come across the HEAD HIGH shirt or you supporting someone in the city. Explain to me how that feels.

Honestly, the feeling is great! It’s been a year and I can humbly say it’s been a great year! I also feel like there is a world to spread the positive movement to. I want this to be global.

What motivated you to create a line of shirts and why the name HEAD HIGH?

Well, this movement was started and created by a childhood friend of mine (Brian) who was murdered last year. I talked to Brian’s mom right before she entered the limo at the funeral and told her “I’m praying for you and to keep your HEAD HIGH.”

A week later I was at work and the idea hit me. A motivational/positive movement for people that’s going through things to remind them to keep going! Rather it’s losing a job, losing a close friend or family member, family issues, or anything that has you down.

Keeping things honest, it seems as if a lot of young people in today’s current era are creating their own clothes to wear as opposed to running and spending money with the major clothing brands. With so many up and coming brands, what separates you from the rest?

HEAD HIGH separates from other local brands because it’s more than just a clothing line. It’s a movement, and a positive one.

To go along with the last question, with you trying to brand yourself amongst so many others, how competitive is the clothing industry in Detroit at this current time?

Well I’m not doing this to compete with anyone or feel like this is a fashion clothing line. It’s more of a brand that’s a movement.

Amongst your peers, are you the only entrepreneur?

No, not at all. A lot of people on my team are doing their own thing. We motivate each other and inspire each other daily. From hosting, filming, managing, music and more.

When trying to start a business, how important is it to have the support of your friends and family, especially with promoting your business?

It is very important to me. When you’re just starting a business you need all the support you can get. Word of mouth, social networks, purchasing items, etc… Detroit can seem like a small city at times so when you have great friends and family that support you and help promote, you can spread your business around quick. I can say I have a great team, family and friends that believe in my vision.

Lastly, what keeps you motivated? When you wake up in the morning, what is the one thing that drives you to keep moving forward and trying to accomplish dreams?

Man, I get testimonies sent to my phone almost every day. My family keeps me GOING! The support I receive everyday keeps me going. People telling me I inspire them! It’s crazy. I really appreciate everyone that has been supporting.

To purchase and support the HEAD HIGH DETROIT movement, you can head to Profit Vogue Studio 17532 Lasher Rd or You can also folllow them on social media by following: IG:@HeadHighDetroit and on Facebook: Head High Detroit.