Paramita Sound: A New Way to Dig in Detroit



Paramita Sound, has become a goldmine for digging vinyl and fellowship among hip-hop heads to hipsters and everyone in between on the Eastside of Detroit. The humble record shop emerged in October of 2014, introducing a new culture to beginner and seasoned vinyl lovers. 

Andrey Douthard, founder of Paramita Sound from Detroit, Mich., has a passion for music and a love for connecting with others through music. He received his bachelor’s degree in Music Business from Full Sail University where he was valedictorian of his graduating class. Douthard could have pursued a career in any major media market such as Los Angeles or New York City but he decided to build his dream from the ground up in his hometown.

He shared his reason for becoming an entrepreneur. 

“I always wanted to work for myself, that was like the core of it. With music being a passion, I got my bachelor’s degree in Music Business. It’s only a few outlets here in Detroit. It’s either leave the city or go to LA, New York, or another major media market and get a job with my degree or start one for myself. So that’s what kind of lit a fire under me to kind of do that. I wanted to build something of my own in the city where I’m from,” Douthard said.


Paramita is a sanskrit term that means the cultivation of perfection. Perfection is exactly what Douthard and his team strives for when delivering the ultimate music experience for their patrons. From the record shelves and listening room which includes a painted portrait of hip-hop legend and Detroit native J Dilla, sets the tone for the establishment. Paramita Sound isn’t just a record shop, it is a cultural community center that happens to sell wax. 

“It’s a business of love for sure. Records are just one part of what we do here. Music is the foundation but we are not in the business of selling records. We are in a relationship business and in the business of making friends. If we can’t build relationships with each other, there is no way I can sell records 10 years from now. It’s all about building a relationship with my patrons, my friends, and my customers. Then, helping them create a new or deeper relationship with music. So our space is open to a lot of different things,” Douthard said.

Paramita Sound offers several different aspects for the digging lifestyle. They are the only record shop in Detroit that offers newly released and sealed records. They also host events such as listening parties, record releases , disc jockey parties, and their very popular, The Beat Profile, which is held every last friday of each month. The Beat Profile is a producer showcase that was inspired by Low End Theory in Los Angeles. The showcase has hosted producers such as Nick Speed, Nolan The Ninja, and many more talented beatsmiths

“The things that happen here, all these Detroit vibes; that’s apart of what we want to do. The music seems so fragmented. So we’re down for everything. We’ve had everything from hip-hop acts to folk acts here. We carry the best music we possibly can,”  Douthard said.

The 28-year-old also told SooDetroit Magazine what makes him SooDetroit.

“I guess that’s what I am. My mom worked on the assembly line for 30 years. My father grew up in the city and it’s always where I’ve been. It’s all I really know. I know it’s in my blood,” Douthard said.

Paramita Sound is located in the West Village on 1417 Van Dyke Ave. in Detroit, Mich.


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